Geri Sims - Drapery

Geri Sims - Drapery
Geri Sims - Drapery
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Designing environments to create ever-lasting memories of your Wedding, Party or Event!

Introduction to using Sheer Fabric to create an Incredible Space!

About Geri Sims - Drapery

Sheer Drapery & Ceiling Décor

Geri Sims is a leading designer in the Wedding and Event Planning industry. She will transform your room, space or area into a work of art, largely and generously through the use of Sheer Fabric. Geri is often called upon to add elegance, style and sophistication to what may otherwise be considered ordinary. She will work with you and your Wedding Professional to create a memorable and romantic ambiance that won't soon be forgotten.

Visit my Website at and click the "Request A Quote" button to get a quote.

Thank you for your time,

Geri Sims

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